CCI Welcomes Carpe Artista

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Carpe Artista Arts Camp

On July 26, 2014 Creative Community, Inc became the Fiscal Sponsor for Carpe Artista in Smyrna, TN. Founder Ron Alley believes that “the alarming rapid change of culture and cultural norms is very apparent to anyone who is following world events. The art of pop culture has played an extremely active role in perpetuating the acceptance of negative and destructive attitudes and behaviors. It is important for future cultures that an organization exists with a mission of redirecting the flow of cultural streams to more positive and productive pathways. It is the mission of Carpe Artista to transform cultures globally by developing local arts communities through the nurturing of young creatives to reach their full potential in character, calling, craft and community.”

We are excited to partner with Carpe Artista in their work to encourage and engage creativity in their city!

To find out more about how your organization may benefit from Creative Community being your Fiscal Sponsor contact us. 

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Carpe Cafe Smyrna, TN

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